A Help and Action közlöny Duray védelmében (angolul)

A nemzetközileg ismert Help and Action című, angol és francia nyelveken megjelenő közlöny olvasóit segítségre szólította fel Duray Miklós védelmében, ismertetve a szlovákiai magyarság tiltakozó kampányát az oktatásügyi törvényjavaslat ellen.
Héricy, Francé, 1984. június-július

H E LP & action

MIKLOS DURAY, a 40-year-old geologist and Charter 77 signatory, was arrested on 11 May in Bratislava. Specific charges against him are unknown but are thought to be related to Duray’s work on behalf of human rights for Slovakia’s Hungarian minority (see Index). Himself Hungarian, Duray sent a letter last February to Czechoslovak leader, Gustav Husak, protesting the reduction of Hungarian language courses in Slovak schools.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA’S HUNGARIAN MINORITY struck back recently against a Slovak government proposal to increase the number of subjects taught in Slovak in the Hungarian schools. A wave protest in March involving 10,000 people convinced the government to withdraw the proposal though it left open the possibility of applying other “practical solutions” aimed at modifying what languages are used in the Hun ganan schools.

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