Duray Bizottság alakult Budapesten (angolul) – Tájékoztató levél Duray érdekében

Budapesten „Duray Bizottság” alakult, ami „Első tájékoztató levelében” felkért „mindenkit, hogy emelje fel szavát Duray Miklós szabadon bocsátása érdekében.”

Budapest, 1984. július

Hungarian Group Calls for Information on Prisoner

Vienna, July 19 (AP) – A committee of Hungarians is urging Czechoslovak authorities to release information on Miklós Duray, an unofficial leader of the Hungarian minority in Czechoslovakia who has been under arrest since May 10.

A written appeal circulating in Budapest urges Hungarians to write on Duray’s behalf to the Hungarian Communist Party and the Czechoslovak embassy in Budapest, an informed source said by telephone yesterday. He could not be identified by name.

Duray, a 39-year-old geologist and writer, had opposed plans to reduce Hungarian-language school instruction for members of the minority in Czechoslovakia. Ethnic Hungarians make up about 4 percent of the Czechoslovak population of 15.4 million.

The appeal says Duray has not been allowed to see his lawyer or his wife since his arrest. He reportedly faces imprisonment of six months to three years for „harming the interests of the (Czechoslovak) Republic abroad.”

The issue is touchy because Communist allies Hungary and Czechoslovakia traditionally avoid any outward signs of friction. Many Hungarians, however, complain privately about the treatment of Hungarian minority groups in neighboring Czechoslovakia and Rumania.

Three prominent writers have also circulated a protest over Duray’s detention.

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