Több amerikai ügyvédi szervezet követelte Duray Miklós azonnali szabadlábra helyezését

Washington, 1984. június 28 és július 3.

Az International Human Rights Law Group távirata a pozsonyi állami ügyészségnek
Washington, 1984. június 28

1705 N STREET. N W

July 3, 1984

Judr. Jan Fejes
Procurator General 1
PRAHA 4 – Nusle

Judr. Martin Kovac
Procurator of the SSR
Kammönne Ham
Blok. A 831
37 Bratislava (CSPA)


We hereby request that you drop all charges against Miklós Duray and to release him immediately from detention. His arrest, detention, upcoming trial, and possible conviction constitute violations of rights guaranteed Mr. Duray by the laws of Czechoslovakia and by international legal norms accepted by Czechoslovakia.

Mr. Duray’s „crime” appears to be nothing more than his participation in a letter writing campaign against passage of a law which could have resulted in the elimination of the Hungarian language schools and classes for ethnic Hungarian-Czechoslovak citizens. Such conduct and speech is specifically protected by international norms, including Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Czechoslovakia is a party. Article 19 provides that everyone „shall have the rights to freedom of expression” which right includes the „freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, … in writing or in print, or through any media of hi” choice.” These identical rights have been guaranteed by Czechoslovakia when it subscribed to the Helsinki Final Act.

As a national public interest law orgnization, we respect the human rights standards to which it freely and voluntarily acceded and drop all charges against Mr. Duray and unconditionally release him from detention. We believe that such action would reflect most favorably upon Czechoslovakia and we are confident that the necessary corrective actions will be taken immediately.


cc: His Excellency Stanislav Suja
The Ambassador of the
Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

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Washington, 1984. július 3