Az Amnesty International Duray kiszabadításáért

A Nobel-díjas Amnesty International emberi jogi szervezet mozgósította tagozatait világszerte, hogy dolgozzanak Duray Miklós kiszabadításáért, és ügyét ismertette időszakos tájékoztatójában.
London, 1984. augusztus



Prisoners of conscience

Miklós Duray, a 40-year-old geologist from Bratislava, and a leading spokesperson for the Hungarian minority in Czechoslovakia. He was arrested on 10 May 1984 for campaigning against the introduction of laws reducing the teaching of Hungarian in Slovak schools. He is reportedly in pre-trial detention in Bratislava on charges of „endangering the interests of the Republic abroad” (Article 112 of the penal code) and of „spreading alarming news” (Article 199). He was first arrested for activities on behalf of the Hungarian minority in November 1982, but his trial, set for the end of February 1983, never took place. He was released without explanation but judicial proceedings against him continued.

All three men have been adopted by AI as prisoners of conscience